Simple. We search, find, tailor and apply jobs for you.

  • 1. Step 

You share us your CV, cover letter and all related application documents (if you want) such as test results, diplomas and more. In this step, it is important to learn about your dream job or job expectations in detail to tailor your application accordingly.

  • 2. Step 

In the second step, you relax on your seat and keep going on your daily routine without bothering yourself with job search and application hustle.

  • 3. Step 

After reviewing and modifying your application documents if necessary, we start searching open job announcements in different job portals and using our professional network in line with your dreams, expectations and qualifications.

  • 4. Step

After gathering right job openings and analyzing them, we apply for you by using your name, your documents and contact details. So, nobody knows we applied the position instead of you. (Of course, we can also act as your consultant openly if you say us). Of course, we tailor your CV, cover letter and all application documents according to eopen job position that we apply.

  • 5. Step

You start getting notifications, responses, invitations, calls to your personal email address and via your phone number. It is necessary to mention that the period between our application time and their expected return to you is not related to us.  Imagine you applied for the position on your own. If we created an account in a recruitment portal or a company website in your name while applying an open position, we of course send you all account details  and password. So, you can take control of a fully filled career protal account easily. Moreover, you will receive full list of job applications and which way they were applied by us. So, when you start getting responses, you will not be surprised.

  • 6. Step

Now on, you can concentrate on your job applications and invitations. In the mean time, you can spend your valuable time and energy to be prepared for a fruitful interview steps and assesstment center of companies instead of loosing time and getting bored for job search, filling forms again and again, adopting your CV and cover letter for every application and being lost in different career portals and websites.

  • Further Steps

The first 6 steps are the basic cycle of our services. In fact, our professional services for you is not all. We are happy to assist you until you got finally hired fo a position. It makes us happy as much as you. Please have a look our other valuable services and contact us for further details.

Social Media and Account Management: In today’s business world, your electronic presence has become as important as your intellectual presence. It is always better to get some help, advises and tips or letting us fully manage your professional social media accounts.

Communication Consultancy: We apply jobs for you. It is a pleasure for us. However, we know that it is only a beginning. We would like to assist you in the following steps while you are writing mails, preparing interviews or assesstment centers. Just say hi to us with a mail and we will discuss more about it.

Career and Legal Consultancy: We know very well how difficult to move to another country or finding a job or studying abroad. Donot feel alone, we are here to share our experiences and knowledge. We have good network of professional which are expertise in legal issues, too. We are here to help you.